Ep. #0000037:

Sport Talk (with Alan Eagney and Andy Kneis)

(or: What Was Trending on 09-30-2016)

Our friend Alan Eagney came all the way from Ireland to join us (and pal Andy Kneis) to explore the hilarious differences between our two countries, and discuss trends such as Grumpy Cat's Broadway debut in Cats, a Frenchman's meltdown at the Apple store, and #InternationalPodcastDay. Plus, we help a seriously sick listener in Ask Agata, and roll our eyes at Foxtrot's lame pasta prank in July's Funny Pages. Also, hoe-downs.

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Ep. #0000036:

Deepest Cuts (with Matt Gourley)

(or: What Was Trending on 10-15-2016)

Matt Gourley (I Was There Too, Superego, Pistol Shrimps Radio, Drunk History) joins the trendheads to talk about Robo Laura Hall’s favorite of his acting roles, I Love Lucy’s 65th Anniversary, scary movies, the age old debate of New York vs. Los Angeles in Ask Agata, and to check in with our old pal Garfield in July’s Funny Pages.

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Ep. #0000035:

Comparing Husbands (with Jake Jabbour)

(or: What Was Trending on 10-07-2016)

We've got funny boy Jake Jabbour (The Meat Improv podcast, We're Gross with Gilli Nissim) on today's ep, joining the trendheads to tackle a potential husband swapping in Ask Agata, discuss some hot-off-the-griddle trends like Trump, fried chicken heads, and Larry the Cable Guy, and talk Garfield in July's Funny Pages. Also, hoedowns.

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Ep. #0000034:

Our First Sponsored Episode (with Kenny Stevenson)

(or: What Was Trending on 10-06-2016)

Actor/writer Kenny Stevenson (DC Hollywood for Ugly People, The UCB Show, Comedy Bang! Bang!) joins Gabe and July to talk about impersonating Mike Pence on the great Hard Nation podcast, a Vladimir Putin “Peacemaker” banner hung from the Manhattan bridge, the Guardians of the Galaxy ride taking over the Tower of Terror at Disneyland, and Golden Girls action figures. Plus, we check in on Ziggy’s crazy antics during July's Funny Pages. Also, hoe-downs. Guardians of the Galaxy ride video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIYpqGVcr1w

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Ep. #0000033:

Public Domain (with Lauren Tyree)

(or: What Was Trending on 09-23-2016)

Our wonderful friend Lauren Tyree (Earwolf, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$) returns to the Help House to talk trends with us. We touch on the Gawk Debac, participate in #DescribeYourselfInThreeFictionalCharacters, and determine our collective Patronus by way of a trendy online quiz. Plus, we give some some college advice to a young listener in Ask Agata and groan at Garfield in July's Funny Pages. Also, hoe-downs.

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