Ep. #0000031:


(or: What Was Trending on 06-23-2016)

Agata, Gabe, July, and Robo Laura Hall are back for a classic episode in which they talk about Robo Laura Hall's big upgrade, breaking news on Louis Tomlinson, The Twix Challenge, and an adorable Google search by a Grandmother that went viral. We also say yay or nay to socks with sandals in Ask Agata and we check in with Cathy during July's Funny Pages. Plus, Gabe's Games presents a special edition of Tweety Little Liars. Also, no-downs?

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Ep. #0000030:

Pope's Intern Meets Gay Cowboy Bongs (with Ele Woods)

(or: What Was Trending on 03-19-2016)

Our trend friend Ele Woods (Bad Business, UCB Maude team The Bus) returns to talk about being a part of the Super Bowl, an adorable pet arctic fox that laughs like a human, and The Pope joining Instagram. Plus, we offer expert dating advice in Ask Agata and enter the Rhymes with Orange universe in July's Funny Pages. Also, hoe-downs.

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Ep. #0000029:

Gigantic Bug (with Nick Wiger)

(or: What Was Trending on 03-18-2016)

We're joined by Nick Wiger, super friendly and trendy head writer of Fox's new sketch show Party Over Here and co-host of the Doughboys podcast. This week we're talking about Sad Grandpas eating burgers, the massive implications of Hulk Hogan's huge Gawker lawsuit, and the massive implications of Paris selling meat out of vending machines. Plus, we answer an awkward food etiquette question in Ask Agata, go ga-ga over Blondie in July's Funny Pages, and commit actual murder! Also, hoe-downs.

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Ep. #0000028:

Time Experts (with Billy Merritt)

(or: What Was Trending on 03-13-2016)

Actor and improviser Billy Merritt (Make That Sandwich, The Smokes, The Swarm) joins Agata, Gabe and July to talk about his Pirate/Robot/Ninja improv theory, short-form and long-form improv, daylight saving time, Ariana Grande swearing on SNL, Obama calling on tech industry at SXSW, and the prank show Boiling Points. Then, we offer advice on adults telling other people's children that they will be heartbreakers in Ask Agata and we see what Beetle Bailey is up to during July's Funny Pages. Also, hoe-downs.

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Ep. #0000027:

Hello NSA (with Aly Monroe)

(or: What Was Trending on 03-04-2016)

Our trend friend Aly Monroe joins us to talk cool older white lady celebs, the child friendly search engine Kiddle, and Star Wars. Then, we offer advice on getting more likes on social media in Ask Agata and we catch up with Family Circus during July's Funny Pages. Also, hoe-downs.

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